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Jaz Makadina Resort

OverviewThe five stars Jaz Makadina occupies its own stretch of the Red Sea in Egypt’s new-and-thriving Madinat Makadi resort complex. In this paradise of sand, surf and sun, get ready to play your holiday in the key of ‘fun’.The resort is comprised of low-rise Nubian-Moroccan-style architecture, with cool yellows and hints of sandstone. Spacious and comfortable rooms boast views of the unforgettable coastline, the well-manicured gardens and the luxurious pool. Beautiful environs, incredible service and elegant interiors have paved the way to an impressive list of awards over the past few years.Jaz Makadina hits a high note with its house reef – which rivals many of the best in the Red Sea. Divers and snorkelers staying around the Makadi Bay make a point of visiting this reef. But for guests of Jaz Makadina, it’s right in their own backyard. You can explore the reef at your leisure, or in between rounds of sailing, surfing and beach volleyball. Most importantly, front-row access means that you enjoy all of the above at your leisure and according to your own schedule.  The facilities at this five-star resort are comprehensive, convenient and thoughtful – starting with the magnificent private beach through to the elegantly designed rooms. The property feature two swimming pools, one of which his heated in winter for an extra touch of luxury. Of course, all of the thrills and extras you’d expect form a resort of this calibre are in place – from extensive 24-hour concierge services to complimentary limited speed Wi-Fi across the hotel.The diving centre coordinates visits to the house reef and beyond, and also organises certification and equipment hire. And guests of any age can find their niche at Jaz Makadina. Children can join the action-packed Kids’ Club while adults revel in treatments and therapies of Madinat Makadi’s signature spa brand “mividaspa”.

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